In January 07 I decided I wanted to pursue opening a supplement store. I first checked into GNC. Knowing I didn't want to be dictated on what to sell and how my store was supposed to look. I still wanted to get an idea on what to expect to get started. I was shocked that it was going to be about $250,000.00. I then checked into Max Muscle, a whopping $350,000.00. I got discouraged thinking maybe my dream was unobtainable. Then I came across Own a Supplement Store. When I saw the start up cost I thought it must be "too good to be true" given my recent findings. I was skeptical to say the least. I contacted Matt to get the specifics about everything. I was very excited yet very skeptical. I flew out to California to meet with Matt so I could see his operation with my own eyes, not to mention give myself peace of mind about the investment I was about to make.
We opened our first sports supplement store in August of 2007, Matt provided everything he said he would, all the way down to the stapler! His crew came in and worked pretty much around the clock for three days setting up the store. We opened the doors four days later. We haven't looked back since. We are located right next to a gym so we had a good base right from the start. We turned a profit the very first month and have done so ever since. How many businesses do you know of that can honestly say that?
If owning a supplement store is your passion and you have a good location. I say go for it. It has been an awesome ride for us so far..
Craig Gentry

"In the time I have worked with and for Matt Gaines, he was always able to do a tremendous amount of work in a timely and efficient manner. He and his team, which I have been a part of, work extremely hard to run and supply multiple Sports Supplement Store locations as well as setup and supply new accounts. Matt is one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure to work with/for.
I would highly recomend Matt and his Own a Supplement Store team. Along with his experience of running multiple stores, I have personally gained a vast amount of knowledge from what he has taught me and watching him work with multiple clients. Because of the knowledge he has given me, I have been able to help one of her clients, who knew very little about supplements, run and promote his supplement store."
Chris White,
Former Employee, Professional Athelete & Certified Personal Trainer is the absolute best way to go for anybody looking to start their own sport supplement business.  When I started looking into opening a franchise or just going about doing it on my own I was instantly overwhelmed with the cost of franchise fees and the prolonged process of having to break into the industry. The process of setting up accounts where I would be able to get good enough pricing point to turn any kind of a profit seemed impossible.  When I found and made the phone call I was instantly impressed with Matt’s knowledge, expertise, and willingness to answer all my questions.  After a few more conversations with Matt and his Own a Supplement Store staff I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was the best way for me to go. They made everything so simple and working with them was enjoyable. They took all the stress out of getting everything set up, from the wholesale accounts to the entire store instillation, everything was taken care of., Even the office supplies were there ready for me when my store was finished.   There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have gotten into this venture if it wasn’t for Own A Supplement, they gave me all the tools needed to open and maintain a successful business in the supplement industry without having to pay any franchise fees.  For somebody that is serious about going into business for themselves just call up Matt or his Own a Supplement Store staff and I promise you will be happy you did.
Mike Romero
Outlaw Sports Nutrition

europa sports products supplement distributor distributors
My name is Dax Joyner salesman of the year at Europa Sports Products and Supplements
Dax Joyner Europa Sports Products
To all future & potential Own A Supplement Store customers:
Matt Gaines has been a valued customer and a good friend for many years. I can assure you that you will be treated with the same care and given the same discounts because you are a part of Matt’s Own a Supplement Store team.  By being a part of this program you will receive over 10 years & millions of dollars in buying power, relationships and knowledge that Matt has carefully developed within the industry. There is not any other company or other person that I would recommend as a mentor for success in this business.
Frank Bedoloto

Own a Supplement Store Success Story
Strive Sports Supplements article. Click image to read.

          For more than 10 years, GOOD N' NATURAL and Own a Supplement Store have been partners in success. The accounts that are opened through this program are some of the fastest growing and highest volume accounts that we have opened and maintained to date! This volume of accounts and length of time in this business relationship guarantees that all current and future accounts will get the BEST possible pricing! This program is THE BEST way for someone to open a successful retail store, and we highly recommend it!  
All the best!
Esther Hellerman
Lead Sales Manager
Good 'N Natural Vitamin Company

It has been a pleasure working with you for the past few years. Boss (now USA Sports) and have both grown tremendously during that time. Your company has provided many new accounts throughout the U.S., which have all made considerable growth each quarter. 
Your business plan provides an advantage for anyone interested in starting a new supplement store to guarantee the highest level of buying power possible.  As you know, a key component to success in this business is based on volume and profit margin. This is a very competitive industry and it is crucial to receive the deepest discounts. 
I would like to take this time to say thank you for the continued business. New accounts through Own A Supplement Store will continue to receive the BEST pricing available! You truly provide an outstanding service, which makes starting a supplement business a much easier and profitable process from start to finish. Anyone attempting to open a supplement store on their own, especially these days, would be at a huge disadvantage without you. Using your program is the ONLY way I know of for a new company to open a store and in trying to compete with large chain stores and the Internet. I highly recommend your service to anyone interested in succeeding in this industry!
Chris Miller
National Sales Manager


Another write-up from Advanced Nutrition to a potential Own a Supplement Store customer:

Matt and the Own a Supplement Store crew were great. Anybody can open a store, but to be successful you need the best possible chance to get off on the right foot and hit the ground running. You see the things that these guys set you up with is the same set up that has worked on dozens of other store set ups. The thing is you are gonna spend approximately the same amount opening a store on your own. What you can open a store for cost wise, and what they can open a store with, the service on top for the assistance are virtually the same number.
Why not be set up by a company with decades of experience in this industry on your side...? Just a thought.The other thing is, what you can buy things @ by yourself vs, what you can buy things @ through the help of Own a Supplement Store are not identical. If there is one thing I've learned in my years doing business in this industry, its all about WHO you know. 1 or 2 contacts can be the difference between success and failure.
In a nutshell, yes I would do it again, yes they delivered on my expectations, yes I would recommend it, and the business is outstanding!

As, I close up MPOWER NUTRITION tonight, I feel very grateful, blessed & thankful for the ability to have a growing business open for 2 years tomorrow! Robbinsville, NJ has been a true home away from home for us, and I'm just grateful to be able to have the ability to be a positive enforcer to so many great people. All thanks and praises due but also to those who have helped make MPOWER Nutrition something special, especially the crew at OWN A SUPPLEMENT STORE! Without you guys we would not have achieved the success that we enjoy today!
Thanks again!!! Much Love - Pauly D

Kingston Sports Supplements Recommends Shocker Nutrition and Own a Supplement Store
Part of the reason I wanted to own my own supplement shop with the Own a Supplement Store Company was so I could bring cool new brands here to the Hudson Valley. One great example: SHOCKER NUTRITION. Great quality, no B.S. products at a great price per serving for you. Stop in and try 'em...
Muscular Development Flex Magazine Muscle & Fitness